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 Dear Agency Director,


The Information Center, Inc. is a private non-profit organization that provides an information and referral service in Wayne County. Central to our work is our community resource database, which contains over 1200 services. Call specialists use this database to help connect callers to services that can help them.

We would like to consider including your agency in our database. In order to provide accurate information, we ask that you fill out the enclosed application detailing your agency, sites, and services. Please feel free to include additional sheets for sites and services. Providing detailed information on the survey helps our information specialists offer the most up-to-date information to our callers.

Please complete the online form by clicking the link below.

If you have any questions please feel free to call 734.282.7171 and ask for the Database Administrator.



The Information Center




Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria for the Resource Database

Statement of Intent

 The Information Center Inc. provides information about, and referrals to, a broad range of health and human service agencies throughout the Wayne and Monroe County areas, as well as statewide and nationwide agencies. The Information Center is not responsible for the quality of service delivered by any resource listed in the database. Listing in the database or publications does not imply that The Information Center supports any views, claims, or political/social views of any agency, individual or group.


Information in the database and in any resulting published versions are intended to provide information to the general public, in particular to those seeking assistance in the area of health and human services.


Criteria for Inclusion

Agencies wishing to be included in The Information Center referral database and publications must fall into one of the categories listed below, in addition to meeting the other criteria outlined. Inclusion in the database does not necessarily guarantee inclusion in derived directories and publications.


·         Nonprofit 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organizations or municipal, state and federal government agencies that provide social, educational, or health and human services.


·         Self-help support groups and advocacy organizations.

·         Organizations outside the geographic limits of The Information Center that provide services not available locally that fit other criteria listed.

·         Religious organizations only when they provide a social service at no fee, at low cost, or on a sliding scale fee to the general public.

·         For-profit health and human service organizations that offer a human service free of charge to the general public, a unique human service not otherwise available from a nonprofit provider, or a service for which fees are paid by a government or private nonprofit agency.  Those include (but not limited to):

1.      Hospitals, health clinics, and chemical dependency treatment programs only if services are offered at no cost or a low sliding scale for a targeted population and if the service is not offered by a non-profit for the same population.

2.      Community counseling agencies that offer services at no cost or charge on a low sliding scale.

3.      Private home health care agencies, intermediate care homes, retirement homes and communities, independent living facilities, assisted living facilities, nursing homes that accept Medicaid or Medicare assignments, offer services at no cost or charge on a sliding fee scale.

4.      Private attorneys and private therapists that provide services at no charge or at a reduced cost.

5.      Programs or providers to which The Information Center makes referrals, including but not limited to healthcare providers who accept Medicaid, offer services at no cost or charge on a sliding fee scale.


Criteria for Exclusion

The Information Center reserves the right to exclude any listing from the database or directories. The Information Center will exclude:

·         Organizations that discriminate based on race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, and any other basis.

·         Organizations that have a history of service-related complaints from consumers including complaints that arise from service non-delivery, fraud, misinterpretation, and discrimination.

·         An organizations service(s) where the described services have not been verified in 365 days or more.

·         Organizations whose activities are primarily for the benefit of its members.

·         Independent private practitioners including but not limited to therapists, counselors, doctors, and lawyers (unless they provide services at no charge or at a reduced cost).

·         Private schools and vocational training programs (unless they are nonprofit or provide services at no charge or at a reduced cost).


Licensing Standards

 Where licensing standards for a given field of service are known to exist, only those agencies which meet these standards may be included.


Demonstration of Stability

Agencies that wish to be included in The Information Center’s database or publications must meet the following Stability Demonstration:

1.      Have at least one established service site that can be physically visited, should the service need require it.

2.      Employ at least one staff person who is able to be contacted as needed.

3.      Have been in existence for at least one full year or demonstrate substantial proof of viability to the satisfaction of The Information Center


Statement of Impartiality

Inclusion in The Information Center’s database and publications should not be construed as an endorsement of an agency or organization or its services, nor should exclusion be construed to constitute disapproval.  The Information Center provides referrals, not endorsements, recommendations or ratings of potential service providers.  A balance will be attempted for all political or issue-oriented resources to fairly represent all sides of an issue.


Related Procedural Information

·         Continued inclusion is contingent upon regular receipt of updated information or confirmation that information is current as requested by The Information Center, at least once every twelve months. Outdated information may be excluded until updated.

·         Documentation of non-profit status or applicable licensing may be requested.

·         Individuals who would like to discuss the inclusion of a particular agency or program should direct their inquiry to the Resource Coordinator.

·         All listings in the database and directories may be edited or abbreviated by The Information Center staff.


Privacy Information

Use of Community Resource Information

The Information Center will not share, sell, rent or otherwise disclose the community partners’ personal information (name, postal address, e-mail address) to any third parties without the community partner’s advance permission, unless otherwise ordered by a court of law. Only the community partner’s public information will be disclosed in any printed catalogs, periodicals or online versions of the database. All personal information collected is used solely to contact the community partner in regards to their use of the service and the accuracy of their public data. The Information Center may contact community partners with community newsletters or other publications deemed relevant by The Information Center and community partners agreeing to be listed in the database also imply expressed consent to receiving such communications.


Appeal Process

Any organization that disagrees with the inclusion/exclusion criteria or wants to appeal a listing or removal may follow this process:


1.      In writing, please detail your name, contact information, and nature of appeal.

2.      Forward your appeal to The Information Center’s Resource Coordinator.

3.      Your request will be reviewed by the Resource Coordinator and a response to the appeal will be made within 30 days.

4.       After receipt of the appeal response, if you are not satisfied, you may appeal in writing to The Vice President, Chief Program Officer.

5.      Within 30 days, the Vice President, Chief Program Officer will respond in writing with an answer to the appeal.

6.      After receipt of the appeal response, if you have not been satisfied, you may appeal in writing to The Information Center Board of Directors.  

7.      Within 30 days, a representative from The Information Center Board of Directors will respond in writing with a final answer to the appeal.

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